New Additions

New additions have been made to my website.

New Additions

New additions have been made to my website.

New Additions

New additions have been made to my website.

Pics of my booth at The International Vintage Poster Fair New York City Oct 17-19


Pics of my booth at the Cleveland Fine Art Print Fair


The International Vintage Poster Fair New York City Oct 17-19

I will be exhibiting at the The International Vintage Poster Fair in New York City, Oct 17-19. For details:

Cleveland Fine Print Fair Sept 25-28

I will be exhibiting at the Cleveland Fine Print Fair Sept 25-28. For more details:

New Additions

New additions have been made to my website.

New Additions

New additions have been made to my website.

New Additions

New additions have been made to my website.

Upcoming Show of Vintage Posters in Millerton, NY (Northern Dutchess County)

The Gilded Moon Framing and Gallery in Millerton, NY [located in Northern Dutchess County, adjoining the Lakeville/Salisbury, CT area] will be exhibiting from Saturday, June 7th, 2014 thru July a group of my vintage posters and ephemera for sale [including travel, art exhibitions and political/war posters]. The Gallery/Frame shop is located at 17 John Street [in the glorious old Bank Building nearby Saperstein's]. Parking is available in back of the building or on Main Street, Millerton. Please contact the Gallery [telephone number for the Gallery is 518-789-3428] for hours. Jill and Paul Choma are the owners of the shop.







New Posters, Gazette du Bon Ton Added

A large group of Gazette du Bon Ton prints from 1914 through 1922 have been added to the site and are viewable in the "New Additions", including several by Benito, Lepape, Barbier, Marty, Brissaud and Charles Martin.

Background info From Wikipedia: (some corrections have been made to the original Wikipedia text)

Gazette du Bon Ton was a leading fashion magazine that was published in France from November 1912 to 1925. Founded in 1912 by Lucien Vogel, the magazine covered the latest developments in fashion, lifestyle, and beauty, and was distributed by Condé Nast. In the USA, the magazine was issued as the Gazette du Bon Genre. Both titles roughly translate as "Journal of Good Taste" or "Journal of Good Style."

The magazine strove to present an elitist image to distinguish itself from its many competitors. It was available only to subscribers and was priced at a steep 100 francs per year, or $425.61 in today's money. The magazine was published on fine paper. The magazine signed exclusive contracts with seven of Paris's top couture houses – Madeleine Chéruit, Georges Doeuillet, Jacques Doucet, Jeanne Paquin, Paul Poiret, Redfern & Sons, and Charles Worth – so that the designers' fashions were shown only in the pages of the Gazette. After World War I, a select group of designers were added – Étienne Drian, Gustav Beer, Kriegck, Larsen, and Martial & Armand. The magazine's title was derived from the French concept of bon ton, or timeless good taste and refinement.

The magazine also aimed to establish fashion as an art alongside painting, sculpture, and drawing: according to the magazine's first editorial, "The clothing of a woman is a pleasure for the eye that cannot be judged inferior to the other arts."

To elevate the Gazette's literary status, the magazine featured essays on fashion by established writers from other fields, including novelist Marcel Astruc, playwright Henri de Regnier, art historian and critic Claude Roger-Marx, and novelist and essayist Jean-Louis Vaudoyer. Their contributions ranged in tone from irreverent to ironic and mocking.

The centerpiece of the Gazette was its fashion illustrations. Each issue featured ten full-page fashion plates (seven depicting couture designs and three inspired by couture but designed solely by the illustrators) printed with the color pochoir technique. It employed many of the most famous Art Deco artists and illustrators of the day, including Georges Barbier, Erté (Romain de Tirtoff), Paul Iribe, Pierre Brissaud, André Edouard Marty, Thayaht (Ernesto Michahelles), Georges Lepape, Edouard Garcia Benito, Soeurs David (David Sisters), Pierre Mourgue, Robert Bonfils, Bernard Boutet de Monvel, Maurice Leroy, and Zyg Brunner, who all, rather than simply drawing a mannequin in the outfit, like most previous fashion illustrators, depicted the model in various dramatic and narrative situations.

San Francisco Poster Fair This Weekend

I will be exhibiting at the San Francisco Poster Fair Friday Nov 1 - Sunday Nov 3. For more details:

Washington, DC Show Sept, 6th through Sept 8th

From Friday, September 6th. 2013 thru September 8th, 2013 I will be exhibiting a wide variety of Turn-of-The-Century, Art Deco and Mid Century vintage posters at the Susan Calloway Fine Art Gallery in Georgetown. The address of the Gallery is: 1643 Wisconsin Ave., NW., Washington, DC

Special Gallery hours for the exhibit/sale will be: Friday: 10-6, Saturday: 10-8, Sunday: 12-5.
Should you wish me to bring a particular poster from my website, feel free to contact me prior to Thursday, September 5th. Please note that I buy/sell and trade vintage posters.

Chicago Poster Fair March 2013 Booth Pic


New Posters Added

Chicago International Vintage Poster Fair This Weekend

I will be exhibiting at the Chicago International Vintage Poster Fair this coming weekend. Details below:

Chicago Cultural Center
77 E Randolph

Friday 5 - 9 pm
Preview benefit: Chicago Fashion Incubator, admission $35

Saturday 10 am - 7 pm Admission $15
Sunday 11 am - 6 pm, Admission $15

Chicago Intl. Vintage Poster Fair
Mar. 22-24, 2013

Gilded Moon Framing in Millerton, NY (Dutchess County)

In a renovated historic bank building in the charming village of Millerton, NY, Gilded Moon Framing will be displaying for sale approximately 100 vintage posters of varying time periods and subject matter from turn of the century American advertising to the 1980 Winter Olympics at Lake Placid. The opening of the exhibition will be February 16 and will run through March 10th. I will be present for the opening on Saturday, February 16th.

Gilded Moon
17 John St.
Millerton, NY

New Posters Added

Please see new additions.

San Francisco Poster Fair

I will be exhibiting at the San Francisco Poster Fair October 26-28. For details:

New posters added.

Chicago Vintage Poster Fair

Please take a look at the new additions, many of which will be brought to the Chicago Vintage Poster Fair at the Chicago Cultural Center on Michigan Ave. Opening night March 30th from 5-9PM with the show continuing on Saturday and Sunday. Looking forward to seeing pas customers as well as new collectors of fine vintage posters.

Los Angeles Fine Art Show Booth Pics

Los Angeles Fine Art Show/Poster Section

I will be exhibiting from January 19th - 22nd at the Los Angeles Fine Art Show which will be held in the downtown Convention Center. For further information about the fine art show, which will be held jointly with the International Print Dealer's Association and the Contemporary/Modern LA Art Fair, please go to:

I will be bringing a fine selection of original vintage posters, many of which should be of regional interest.

Please find below a discount coupon for your use:


New Additions

Most recent additions include several quite rare posters covering subjects as diverse as the Olympics which was never held (1916 in Amsterdam), Puccini's major opera of 1926 "Turandot", Roger Broders' iconic Monaco Monte-Carlo, the Wembley Exposition of 1925... subject of the recent movie "The Kings Speech"... and finally, in all its 1930s glory, the ultimate hideaway off the coast of Los Angeles, the Catalina Islands poster by Otis Shephard.