New Additions

I have focused on adding smaller and more affordable items to the website [under the "Small" category]. You will find a group of Georges Barbier's unique colored engravings for his designs in the renowned book entitled "Chansons de Bilitis", published in 1922. In addition, you will find a group of miniaturized posters which were created by the illustrious Ricordi printing company of Milan, c. 1912. These smaller versions of the poster image were used by the company for promotion of its quality poster printing and the artistry of its poster designers.

We seldom see the actual full-size posters due to the Italians lack of interest in collecting posters at the beginning of the century and due to the generally large scale of the posters. So these smaller versions represent a special historic record of the creative commercial poster. Unlike the "Masters of the Poster" series, which was published in Paris between 1895 and 1900 as a subscription for the collecting public, these Ricordi pieces were only prepared for the Ricordi salespeople, whose job it was to represent the company's diverse artistic poster portfolio.and therefore they are quite scarce in the marketplace.