New Additions

Well, I finally have gotten around to listing a group of Art Exhibition posters [appearing in the "New Additions" section], mostly French from the 1950/60's. There are the old School of Paris standbys, Picasso, Miro, Chagall and Matisse, but also several other artists: Magritte, Marini, Cocteau, Leger, Derain and Braque. Many of these posters are affordably priced under $1000.
Several outstanding American posters of the 1960's appear in the "New Additions", as well, namely the Rick Griffin "Joint Show" and Jasper Johns' target image of 1968 used for the Merce Cunningham Dance Co.
Not to be missed is the glamourous and dreamy 1930's image of Atlantic City [for the Pennsylvania Railroad] designed by Eggleston.This is surely one of the highlights of railroad poster imagery.